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Mental Models

Welcome to Mental Models - thinking tools to help you navigate life better. This is an attempt to make powerful thinking tools available to anyone. Discover popular mental models, practice applying them, and use them to think through everyday problems.

What are Mental Models?

Mental Models are incredible thinking tools that help you navigate life better. They’ve existed for years, yet most people struggle to use them. Why? Because mental models are presented in unnecessarily complicated and hard to understand ways. 👎🏼

Good news: your brain can adopt mental models quickly with practice! 🙌🏼

Why did we create this app?

The pattern we noticed after helping over 50,000 people navigate their careers is that so many of us simply want the validation that we’re making good decisions. Mental Models help with this and don’t require us to rely on anyone except ourselves! But our research showed that the majority of people aren’t even aware that Mental Models exist! So we want to raise awareness for these powerful tools, and do our part to help you learn a few of them. 😀

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