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Job Tracker Template

Welcome to the Job Search Tracker, a template you can use to track applications, interviews, and the connections you make along the way!

With this template, we hope to help you:

  1. Keep track of everything It can get overwhelming to keep track of all of your applications, interviews, follow-ups, and connections, so we’ve created this tracker to make it simple.

  2. Make the most of your time You’ll notice the tracker allows you to see which sources (ex. LinkedIn, internal referrals, company websites) lead to the most amount of interviews and offers. When you know what’s working the best, you can make the best use of your effort and time. 💪

  3. Feel supported We also know that the job search can feel lonely. We hope you see the effort we’ve spent on these resources as our way of showing you that you’re not alone. You have support. 🙏

Job Tracking Template
Job Tracking Template Click here to go to Google Sheets

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