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Festival For The Mind
May 5 2020
Webcast 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM PDT

Festival For The Mind

Take a break and come join us for an evening of inspiration, relaxation, and fun! In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re bringing together the minds of comedians, nutritionists, yoga lovers, breath-work enthusiasts, and coaches for 90 minutes to lead you in fun workshops.

Every 20 minutes, we will be running different breakout sessions where you can join an expert sharing their craft! Each attendee will have the opportunity to participate in 3-4 breakout sessions.

  1. Breakout Session A: Breathwork & Meditation
  2. Breakout Session B: Stand Up Comedy
  3. Breakout Session C: Careers and Job Search Support
  4. Breakout Session D: Building a Positive Mindset
  5. Breakout Session E: The Power of Self Care

Our session leaders include former nutrition-certified coaches, comedians, fitness coaches, yoga and breathwork certified coaches, career coaches, and 1M+ digital community builders.

Let’s celebrate awareness, evolution, laughter, and perseverance. Instructions to join the breakout sessions will be shared 72 hours before the event!

All donations go towards Covid-19 relief through Direct Relief (directrelief.org)

This event is created and co-hosted by:

  • Shireen Jaffer, currently at Edvo, community builder, reiki healer, and champion for self-care

  • Alex Smith, currently at Headspace Inc, breathwork certified, lover of mindfulness and the arts

Disclaimer: We’re organizing this event as a personal passion project. In no way are any topics of discussion intended as a diagnosis, treatment or as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis and treatment. Please consult a physician or mental health care professional. By attending this event, you agree you are doing so voluntarily and release event creators and hosts of any liability.

Breakout Sessions:

Allison Tibbs, Healthy Lifestyle Coach & Personal Trainer, @allisontibbs

FOM: The Power of Self Care

Allison Tibbs is a certified Personal Trainer & Healthy Lifestyle Coach, as well as an International Speaker and Best Selling Author. Her passion is to help individuals to move better, feel better, and live a better quality of life. She has trained and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, corporate executives, as well as, professional athletes and performing artists around the country and internationally. Her well-rounded coaching & training approach offers her clients with the tools, resources, and support needed to be healthy, confident, and successful. She has co-authored over a dozen books, including “Mastering the Art of Success” with Les Brown and Jack Canfield, and is the creator of “The Clean Eating Guide”.

Joey Massaro, Comedian, @joeymassarocomedy

FOM: Stand Up Comedy

Originally hailing from New Jersey, Joey Massaro is a bi-coastal comedian who splits his time between L.A and New York. Massaro’s comedic roots were planted at the Stress Factory in New Jersey but took an unexpected twist when he attended the University of South Carolina. Like a scene out of “My Cousin Vinny” this Jersey kid would learn to thrive amongst the Southerners and quickly became a staple in the Columbia, SC comedy scene. It was there he became the campus winner of the 2015 comedy competition and was asked to open for “Silicon Valley” star TJ,Miller at the universities largest performance venue. More importantly he learned how to diversity his material so he could take on any room. From rowdy Southern bars to refined corporate events in NYC, Massaro has tackled hundreds of gigs with the same enthusiasm he had when he first grabbed the mic. His material is expansive, surprisingly relatable and always memorable, but just don’t sit on the first row. Massaro has become notorious for light heartedly roasting the crowd and improvising expansive bits based off of audience members.

Matthew Savarick, Inspirator - Behavioral Health, Life, & Business Strategist

FOM Session: Building A Positive Mindset

Matthew is on a mission to bring positive experiences to companies and individuals, blending employee benefits and mental health, with people insights and business performance; helping people achieve their most important productivity, well-being and recovery goals. Matthew is an experienced facilitator and mindfulness leader with a Bachelor and Masters of Science in Integrative Biology, Biochemistry and Neurochemistry from the University of Florida, and a certification in Mindful Awareness Practice from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. With a research stint at the McKnight Brain Institute studying Parkinson’s effects on neurology, leadership curriculum development and workshop facilitation expertise, 2-time founder, a decade of resilience training and mindfulness experience; your time spent with Matthew will make for a fun, educational and interactive experience.

Shireen Jaffer, CEO & Founder, Investor, @sjaffer11

FOM Session: Careers & Job Search Support

Shireen Jaffer is a second-time founder, Forbes 30 under 30, and CEO of Edvo, a venture-backed startup in Playa Vista that helps people take control of their careers and find meaningful work. Shireen has worked with hundreds of companies, from Fortune 500s to early-stage startups, advising them on recruiting and hiring practices. She has helped over 50,000 people in their job search over the last 10 years, from recent grads to executives, and regularly hosts virtual events for her community. Shireen’s passion for mental health awareness is driving the co-creation of this event. In a time of uncertainty–Shireen hopes to bring people together, remind others they are not alone, and provide a tremendous amount of value to those in need.

Kristen Nicole, Yoga & Healing Modalities Coach, @@kristen.nicol3

FOM Session: Breathwork & Meditation

Healing begins by taking the journey inward. Kristen’s passion for health and wellness has been an ongoing journey. The study of mental, physical, and emotional health began from a deeply traumatic experience. Since beating childhood cancer and dealing with a plethora of health issues over the years it has opened the doorway to explore various healing paths. Kristen obtains a bachelor’s degree in science & health communication and is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor in San Diego, CA. She has completed certification in meditation and breathwork and is currently working on a reiki certification as well as becoming a yoga therapist, specifically focused on yoga for mood management.

While Kristen is passionate about asana (yoga) practice– it wasn’t until she was physically limited by her health, that she realized the need to understand her mental and emotional state more deeply in order to heal the physical body. She coaches people on healing as a continual process– an active process that requires your own will and participation. Kristen specializes in creating safe spaces for any and all no matter where you are in your journey. Whether it be that you have already been embarking on your own healing journey or have not yet even begun–she is excited to lovingly share and guide you through these various healing modalities.

Alex Smith, Sales Leader & Mental Health Advocate, @alexsmithshares

FOM Session: Co-Host & Creator

Alex has worked for some of the hottest startups all over the country for the last decade, and continues to disrupt stereotypical sales motives while building diverse, inclusive, and high-performing sales teams. Currently leading sales development at Headspace Inc, she is focused on reversing a heteronormative “CRUSH IT” sales culture, and is a strong advocate for mental health awareness in the workplace and employee wellbeing. She is currently advocating her work through UNCrushed, a non-profit organization and platform for mental health awareness and community.

Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (caused from stress), the discovery of precancerous cells, handfuls of surgeries- Alex surrendered to a lifestyle that was no longer serving her mental and physical health. She quit her sales manager job, sold her things in NYC, and embarked on a solo trip abroad for a year through South America rediscovering life, facing fears, confronting existence, death, and anxiety. On her journey of self work, Alex moved into an Ashram and studied to become certified in breathwork, meditation, and yoga as a form of healing for self and others. Through yoga, she is passionate about teaching compassion towards one self, acceptance, vulnerability, and healing through breath and movement.

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