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Digital Bootcamp: Finding a Mentor
Jul 19 2020
Webcast Sunday 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM PDT

Digital Bootcamp: Finding a Mentor


Learn how to find mentors, reach out to people you wish to learn from, add value in relationships, and nurture your connections!

About this Event

In this 4 part bootcamp*, you’ll learn how to:

  • identify potential mentors;
  • reach out to potential mentors effectively;
  • approach the first conversation;
  • add value consistently throughout the relationship;
  • nurture your connections.

This bootcamp also includes:

  • virtual mentorship networking event with executives from companies like Amazon, Buzzfeed, Tastemade, Google, etc.
  • email and LinkedIn message templates for reaching out to potential mentors
  • connections / networking tracker to organize all ongoing conversations

*To do our part during the current circumstances, bootcamp ticket fees have been subsidized from $290 general admission to $90 (early bird: $75)*


The people we surround ourselves with and learn from have the largest impact on our success in life and career. That is why mentors serve critical roles in our life, whether they be related to our profession or simply people we admire and wish to learn from in life. But knowing how to identify those potential mentors, and then reaching out to them in a way that would make them actually respond, is difficult.

So, this 4 part digital bootcamp will provide you with insight and actionable steps to identify and reach out to protential mentors , get “insider tips” from executives on how they approach finding their own mentors, learn how to have a meaningful first conversation, and overall make great impressions by having solid tools at your fingertips!

Hear from previous Bootcamp participants:

Guneet: “I am not even finished with my bootcamp with Edvo and I cannot tell you how much I have already learned. I have gotten actionable tips to help me with almost every aspect of my professional goals, a network of 40+ people, and, best of all, a genuine drive to advance my career. Being around such motivated people who are all just looking to learn is so empowering. Shireen is so passionate about education and I can feel that every time I hop on the call. She makes everything simple and easy to understand. Most importantly, she actually encourages us to take what we have learned and pay it forward!”

Paulina: “I’ve been to many events that similarly focused on networking, professional development, and the works, but none quite as motivating, actionable, and in-depth as the Edvo Bootcamp. I’m so impressed that Shireen and her team were able to pull off a wonderful event and foster an environment that was exciting and welcoming for us all to contribute and connect with others beyond the event. The structure and format is unique, and you can tell it was designed with the benefit of attendees as the top priority. Events that make as much an impact as this are rare, and absolutely worth the time of anyone of any stage in their career growth that has a craving to learn more and meet driven like-minded individuals.”

More reviews available via Trust Pilot.

Bootcamp Session Breakdown

  1. 7/18: 5:00PM - 6:20PM PT — Bootcamp Kick off, Finding Mentors + Reaching out to Mentors

Whether you already have a list of people you want to reach out to, or are just starting to think about identifying possible mentors, you’ll learn about how to get in touch with people you admire and optimize for positive responses!

  1. 7/18: 6:30PM - 8:00PM PT — Approaching the First Conversation

Mentorships are built over-time and the first conversation dictates whether there’ll be a second conversation. Learn how to prepare for your first conversation and have a meaningful conversation right away.

  1. 7/19: 5:00PM - 6:00PM PT — Nurturing Relationships

Even if first conversations lead to second conversations, it can be hard to turn the relationship into a mentorship. Learn how to nurture your relationships, add value along the way, and build organic mentorships with the people you wish to learn from.

  1. 7/19: 6:15PM - 8:00PM PT — Virtual Networking Mentorship Event

Hear from executives on the “insider tips” they use to identify their own mentors and get in touch with people they admire. Also learn what they like to see from mentees when being reached out to for mentorship.

**This bootcamp will be facilitated over Zoom - a link will be shared 72 hours before the bootcamp begins.

Meet your bootcamp leader, Shireen Jaffer:

Shireen Jaffer is a second-time founder, Forbes 30 under 30, and CEO of Edvo, a venture-backed startup in Los Angeles that gets people meaningful jobs. Shireen has worked with hundreds of companies, from Fortune 500s to early stage startups, advising them on recruiting and hiring practices. She has helped over 50,000 people build meaningful careers over the last 10 years, from recent grads to executives, and led over 200 boot camps.

This event is in partnership with Playa Tech.

Playa Tech is a tight-knit, community-driven tech group centered in Playa Vista. They host guest panels from renowned companies such as Google, Snap, Amazon and local startups, run hands-on workshops, host office hours to help with job transition, and offer resume advice. Click here to learn more!


Shireen Jaffer

Shireen Jaffer

CEO - Edvo